Get an Idea about Premium Memory and Basic Pocket Mattress

Premium memory foam is an orthopedic mattress with medium softness, a successful collaboration between Relaxa springs and memory foam. With 26 centimeters of height, there is a harmonious balance between these two technologies, which provides a correct support for the column and a restful sleep.

The memory foam plate ensures relief of pressure zones (hips, shoulders), uniform weight distribution, and improved blood circulation. Numbness and waking pains become history.

The core of the orthopedic springs is covered with a double layer of impregnated paste, which offers wear resistance and long-lasting use. Being a mattress with spring-based support technology encourages air circulation and avoids overheating and humidity.

The cover that covers the mattress is compacted on a volumetric ant allergic wool support, and the surface is made of 100% cotton. The two sides of the mattress are real for the hot / cold season – a cotton face for the summer and one for the winter. The materials that make up this mattress are treated against mites and other allergens.For more on this visit


Basic Pocket

The Basic Pocket Mattress is a medium-matt spring mattress that incorporates a unique arc packing technology and has a total height of 24 centimeters. Unlike the regular system where mattress springs are interconnected, this type of mattress contains individually “packed” springs, acting separately.

Each bow is wrapped in a bag, a “pocket” that has the function of cushioning the weight without affecting the state of the neighboring arcs. This system allows body support at all pressure points, lowers tension in superficial blood vessels and offers independent movement of users.

It is the ideal choice if you or your partner has the habit of moving around through your sleep. The edges of the mattress are reinforced, thus avoiding their deformation when you sit on the edge of the mattress.

The goose has two faces, one containing only natural cotton for the summer and containing wool for the winter. Manufacturers offer the choice of the exact size you want and the maximum recommended weight is 120 pounds per person. The Basic Pocket mattress is an innovative product of superior quality, and the way of packing the bow and the weight distribution, offers comfort and resistance that has convinced us.