Make the Best Mattresses Come with the Perfect Details

How do you know which mattress suits you best? The choice for a mattress is a very personal choice and varies per person. Your physique and many other factors determine which mattress will give you the best night’s rest and thus contributes to your quality of life! The only right way to choose a suitable mattress is by trial in the sleeping studio at the right time and with sufficient time to make an informed choice. The most suitable time for a trial location is as early as possible in the day!

Why take sufficient time?

Lying on a certain mattress can, for example, feel wonderful, but if you then turn it, it can still take some effort. Or a mattress can be annoying or need a lot of time before you are in the right position again. Some mattresses are recommended because you would absolutely lie still on them while sleeping but lying still is not always good for the recovery of the body! In order to provide some guidance on the choice of a good mattress, here are a few points of attention when testing.

Tips when piloted

Lying on the back Do

You have a straight, hollow or convex back? Note the support in the lower back and how the buttocks in the mattress. Which mattress is stretched the most comfortable? Are you lying on the mattress or do you sink into it? What do you find most comfortable?

Lie on the side

If you lie on your side, how does the shoulder sink into the mattress? In which mattress does the shoulder sink most comfortably? Also pay attention to the hips. This may also sink into the mattress but certainly not too much.


Turning from one side to the other, on which mattress do you do that most comfortable?


Duration is a relative term. It mainly has to do with quality and sustainability. If you buy something from € 10, – and it is worth only € 5, then it is too expensive! The respected brand Amerisleeponly sells products with the right price-quality ratio and durability. The following price indications are of mattresses in size 90 x 200 in the different types, qualities, price ranges and brands.