Mattresses: As you choose for an easy sleep

It is said that good sleep begins with a quality sleeping mattress. The mattress is a long-term investment, so choose a good one with a long service life. You will most likely sleep on the same mattress, if you take care of it, for about 10 years.This is how much is actually the recommended maximum, so it makes sense to put more money in a quality mattress because you will be pleased every morning when you wake up rested and without back pain.

Influence of sleeping mattress on sleep

More expensive does not always mean better, especially in the case of a mattress, which you have to choose first in terms of body weight, health and then price. You can find best quality mattress according to your preferences at

The influence of weight is obvious, because a mattress that cannot sustain the weight of your body will deform quite quickly, and it will not give you the necessary support for your body so you will wake up with pain every morning.

A second very important aspect is health. For people with no big problems in the spine, it is recommended to sleep on a harder mattress that provides a good support for the body during sleep. He does not look for a too hard mattress, because this extreme is not good for the body.

For those with back problems often the best choice is a memory foam mattress that memorizes the shape of the body during sleep, keeping the right backbone, which calms the muscle aches, especially if a suitable pillow is used. The mattress automatically returns to its normal shape as soon as you get out of bed, while offering proper sleep support for the head, neck, shoulders and kidneys during sleep.

Main types of mattresses

There are many sub-types of sleeping mattresses available in the mattress stores, so you can find patterns from just over 100 dollars up to models that easily exceed 5000 dollars. That’s why it’s important to know what the advantages and disadvantages of each technology are.

Relax mattresses (classic springs, orthopedic)

By far these are the oldest types of mattresses, often improperly associated with the idea of ​​a cheap mattress, at the price of a low purchase price. Fortunately, the technology has evolved, so you will not have to tear off your teeth when you hear the springs glowing at the slightest movement.